Live at NAMM 2017: Nikki O’Neill guitar solo

Live at NAMM 2017: “I Will Cross Over”

Nikki covers Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home to Me”

Live: Nikki covers The Stones “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”

Live 2017: “Love Will Lead You Home”





  1. Hi Nikki……This is Jerbear from Ocean City, Maryland. Love your music, I come to LA 4 times a year, and I will try to coordinate a trip when you are playing so I can see you in person!

  2. Hey Nikki,
    First saw you on Utube teaching “Superstition,” very nice job. I play the song with the bottom string tuned to eb and all other strings tuned normally. As you had a nice sounding voice, I was curious to see if you were a singer as well so I checked out this sight. The answer is way yes. You have both things going on, you’re a great guitarist and singer! Thanks for the Utube posting it helped me out with the bridge part of the song.

    Keep Rockin’

    1. Hi Lori!
      Thanks so much for the really kind words about my singing and playing! I’m also glad to hear that the video lesson was useful.
      If you love playing r&b (like I do), I did some more lessons back in my Mahalo days with songs by Wonder, Gaye, Withers… I’m sure they come up on YouTube’s sidebar if you pull up the “Superstition” lesson again.


  3. You are awesome and what a voice! I saw you on Mahalo on YouTube,also, and you helped me get through The Rain Song. Thank you so much! You are a great player, teacher, singer, songwriter, and have really nice eyes! Best wishes in your music career!

    1. Thanks, Jim! Glad you like our music and that the video lesson was helpful. It was fun doing those guitar tutorials for Mahalo, especially the one you mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to visit our site, check out our music and write your very positive words.


  4. Nikki,
    I found your Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder lessons, and I really enjoyed your style of teaching. A mix of talent and charm that’s hard to beat! Keep doing the lessons, and encouraging young players to step out of their chord “comfort zones”.

    “Play a song for someone and you entertain them for a moment… Teach them to play a song, and you entertain them for life.”
    Thanks Nikki!
    Robert in San Antonio

    1. Hi Robert!
      Glad you liked the video lessons I did. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and write your kind words here on our site.
      The quote is a great one. I’ve read it before, and wonder who said it originally. In any case, thanks so much for writing.
      I will continue to post video lessons on my own YouTube channel very soon – stay tuned!


  5. Thanks for the excellent ‘Hey Joe’ quick lesson.
    Never would have dared hoping being able to play Hendrix in a few minutes.

    If ever you plan to play in Paris or Amsterdam…let me know!

  6. I just got the following reply off you, thanks. Err, where is it? lol

    As your lessons are the best of their kind I’ve ever come across this is a really infuriating situation! Please start doing it again ASAP! (pretty please, humble grovelling)

    “I did those lessons for the Mahalo company, so I’m not in charge of re-uploading their content.
    But here’s the link to the playlist with all the lessons I did for them:”

      1. These seem to be working fine, thanks. I’ll have to wait till I go down to the Church of St Ronnie (Macdonald) to lig on their wi-fi to get the full benefit have found your mp3 so I now own your EP, thanks

        As well as ‘The Girl from Ipanema’, I am also crazy about ‘How High the Moon’, and ‘Moonlight in Vermont’, if you are still looking for suggestions for your new video series

        I look forward to your book – not apparently available in the UK. yet

        Thanks again

    1. PS – I found out later that the problem I was having with Maholo, was due to my somewhat primitive set-up being stumped by various “codecs”. If you are having a similar problem simply convert your recalcitrant download to a file type you are happy with (ie in Windows use .wmv etc)

  7. Hi Nikki, I sent this (now a re-edited version though) to the Mahalo YouTube site, but not sure if those messages delay or if for sure gets to you. I am 57 years old. I started for a few months learning guitar when I was a pre-teen. Then I quit. Over the years I tried to start again a few times, but never diligently practiced nor studied. I dabbled in other instruments and dabbled in study of music. I did even take a college class in piano. I bought an acoustic guitar around 2003, then still ended up not really doing anything… it collected dust along with my beginner music books. I then in last November thought I have about ~7 years till some form of retirement so I had decided I want be able ‘play on my ‘porch when retired… I studied a easy guitar tab the song Wish You Were Here and I surprised myself by actually playing it OK after only few try. I then got Ultimate Guitar app. Then I decided I got to take it up a notch so I wanted read notes and music in earnest (I had some lessons as I mentioned in past, but forgot most of all… but who knows… retained some more or less…). So then I decided to go for electric guitar(S). To fast forward.. Now I ended up with three electric guitars, amps, tuners, and array of gear, books, links, ect. I am studying since November 2015 everyday guitar, guitar gear, lil of harmonica and piano (again…) and my wife has a bass and amp too… side-note- my wife saw your video and now she wants a Daisy guitar too! Well, I found an old military buddy again who lost touch with since 1995. I found him on Facebook when I was a-fishin… We are gonna meet up in Reno, NV 06/16. His name is Joe and his fav player is Mr. Jimi. I have worked on your YouTube lesson “Hey Joe” Jimi Hendrix:
    I keep trying those begin of song licks and end of song outro… I got the chords down pretty good and can use some your ‘mods some on the slide parts and E chord beginning part of song… The parts when up on 7th and 9th fret hard for me so those intro and outro parts basically anytime moving up fret is ‘new territory for me so notation and tabs will ensure to get me there… Can you send me or put online somewhere or where I can buy your version(s) of the tabs and if so the music notes/notation too, to your version(s)? I feel your version(s) is very practical/feasible for a beginner at stage I am at now… and sounds great too and matches well the ‘flavor of what Jimi did on it… Joe doesn’t even know I practice guitar… I’ll pick him up at airport then drive Reno. When we get to our hotel rooms, I wanna break out my travel electric and mini amp and play him Hey Joe one of his all time fav songs! Thanks for whatever you can do for me… I’ll keep trying what you have on your video too…

    By the way, I saw pic of doggie George by the Daisy guitar… I have a pic of my pugs named “Pugs” up by one my guitars… I can post or send me me know…

    1. Hi David! Thanks so much for taking the time to write. Glad you like the lesson videos! I’m not on this site often, as this band isn’t around anymore (I play in a few other bands now), and I’ve heard that many of the Mahalo lesson videos were removed (probably due to licensing issues with the song publishers.)

      I don’t have the tabs that you requested, but there are two great sites were you can download sheet music and tabs (mostly very accurate versions transcribed by pros) for a very small cost to support the songwriters:

      So you have pugs? We love dogs – the pug you mentioned (George) was our bass player’s and he always hung out in the studio with us when we were recording.

      All the best to you,

      1. Thanks bunch Nikki. Much appreciated your detailed message. I kept watching your video on “Hey Joe” and finally figured it all out (I think anyway …or well, it sounds pretty much if not exact your version). I’m ready to play it for my ole’ USAF buddy! Yep, my wife and I continually building our skills on guitar (& Emi building skills on electric bass and piano too). We’ve been buying loads of equipment including now many guitars (one I bought last week and one more on the way; Emi’s is on the way… its not a Daisy 😦 , but its a Fender Mustang 65′ Reissue in Daphne Blue and I am looking online right now to get her either a strap of Souldier called “Shasta Brown”, has daisy flowers on it and she want name guitar “Daisy May” after her most love doggie or I was also looking at a Souldier strap called “Silver Daisy” but looks discontinued… that Mustang was hard to get, but I was able to land a used one yesterday on Chicago Music Exchange). I practice every day. Emi practices many times each week. Its great practicing and we cant wait till we are proficient. Yes, we have a pugs named “Pugs”. We also have as said Daisy May and also Tatanka. I’ll see where I can post pics for you to see em’ all… Pics of us practicing… I’d also like post the ‘tab I made of my interpretation of Hey Joe that I learned from you… its not standard tabI know, butI did it the way so I can understand. Now I dont even need see it, I remember how to play by now… I’ll be checking both your sheet music links (Thanks!). I realize what you say about the band on web site not all together anymore, but in case you still meet up w/ bass player sometimes I hope you also get to see pugs George too sometime 🙂 . Cheers Nikki, thanks for all you do for the arts and humanity!

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