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Nikki O’Neill is a Los Angeles-based guitarist, singer, and songwriter who grew up in Stockholm, Sweden.

Her 2017 EP, “Love Will Lead You Home” is a soul-rock and gospel album with six songs that focus on the healing power of love and of bringing people together. The songs are written by herself and her lyric writing partner Paul Menser.  One song, “I Will Cross Over” is written by Americana artist Cody LePow, but re-arranged by Nikki into a jubilant, Curtis Mayfield-flavored gospel song.

Her 2012 debut album with her former band, The Nikki O’Neill Band, was described by Will Ray of The Hellecasters as “Chrissie Hynde hanging out with John Lennon in Otis Redding’s kitchen.”

As a guitarist, Nikki’s style is inspired by soul guitarists like Prince, Curtis Mayfield and Teenie Hodges, as well as Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana. Vocally, she has a sweet yet bluesy soprano, and her classic songwriting craft is fueled by soul and gospel.

Nikki also writes for Guitar Player magazine, and she’s a popular guitar instructor and the author of the rock guitar instruction book “Women’s Road to Rock Guitar” (Alfred Music).






  1. Hi, I just wanted to comment on your YouTube video showing how to play Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine. I guess I really just wanted to say thankyou. I’d searched so many tabs that just showed basic Am chords. Your step-through was easy to follow. Yes, Thankyou.

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