Love Will Lead You Home: Nikki’s New EP


Nikki’s new album, “Love Will Lead You Home”, is coming out in January! It will be available on iTunes, CD Baby and other digital retailers and streaming sites.

The album is produced by Ted Wulfers, with six brand-new original songs that are very much in the soul-rock and gospel vein. Here are the song titles:

1. “Wait No More” (Nikki O’Neill/Paul Menser)

2. “A Second Chance” (Nikki O’Neill)

3. “In the Waking Moments of the Day” (Nikki O’Neill/Paul Menser)

4. “Love Will Lead You Home” (Nikki O’Neill/Paul Menser)

5. “I Will Cross Over” (Cody LePow)

6. “That’s What Love Can Do” (Nikki O’Neill/Paul Menser)

Nikki is currently having a Kickstarter campaign to support the finishing stages of the album. It’s currently in the final mixing stage; the cover art is done (as you can see), and she is mastering it at Capitol Studios on Jan 10. To support her Kickstarter campaign and receive some very cool rewards from Nikki, visit her Kickstarter site before January 14!


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