Nikki Reveals a Bit of Her Book’s Content


Recorded another 30+ tracks this past weekend in addition to the 126 previous ones I recorded.

In those last 30 tracks, I went over fun and very useful things like how to play a great rock solo; find your way on the fretboard; what different effects pedals sound like, and how to do things like pinched harmonics, etc.

Got about 20 tracks left to go – including how to play in alternate tunings; figure out songs by ear; some awesome jam tracks in different rock styles where you can practice your rhythm and lead guitar skills along with a band… and a section on basics for newbies (don’t want to shut anybody out here!)

Thumbing through the pages and seeing the advice quotes given by the amazing players I’ve interviewed for YOUR inspiration, I hope this book will be real fun and help a lot of people express themselves in new ways on the electric guitar.


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  1. Hi Nikki, I will buy your book.  Will always b grateful for you stevie wonder videos and the great chords.  xxx Vina.

    1. Thanks, Vina! I have not forgotten about your request for new lesson videos – I just haven’t be able to post any as I’ve been working on my book. But as soon as the book is out, I will launch my new lesson channel on YouTube!

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