Photo Shoot for Nikki’s Guitar Book

photo shoot at Larry'sNikki’s rock guitar instruction book is coming out in January! Today she did the photo shoot for the cover and all the inside pictures, demonstrating bends, tapping and other fun guitar-nerdy stuff!

She gives a special thanks to photographer Larry Lytle (, and Nat Gunod and Holly Frazier at Alfred Music for being so awesome to work with that day.

Nikki’s definitely going to launch her own lesson channel on YouTube as soon as the book is done, so stay tuned for more news on that…


  1. Mabel

    Very Cool Nikki! Congratulations on your upcoming release of your very own guitar instruction book! Way to go! Great picture too!

  2. Al Siperek

    Picked up guitar when I retired. The first song that I learned was from your tutorial of “The Rain Song”. Thanks and I’m looking forward to your lesson book and lesson channel. Like the photo….great smile!

    • nikkioneillband

      Hi Al,

      That’s quite a difficult song if you’re starting out on guitar, but glad you’ve stuck with playing. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment here on the website!


    Everything from what I see , is being set and in a good track !!! So we keep on waiting both for the book publishing and the new youtube channel !!!!
    Harry up please , don’t keep us waiting ha,ha,ha,ha!!!!
    Greetings from Greece

    ps. nice new hairdressing , more …rocky !!!!

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