Nikki Reveals a Bit of Her Book’s Content


Recorded another 30+ tracks this past weekend in addition to the 126 previous ones I recorded.

In those last 30 tracks, I went over fun and very useful things like how to play a great rock solo; find your way on the fretboard; what different effects pedals sound like, and how to do things like pinched harmonics, etc.

Got about 20 tracks left to go – including how to play in alternate tunings; figure out songs by ear; some awesome jam tracks in different rock styles where you can practice your rhythm and lead guitar skills along with a band… and a section on basics for newbies (don’t want to shut anybody out here!)

Thumbing through the pages and seeing the advice quotes given by the amazing players I’ve interviewed for YOUR inspiration, I hope this book will be real fun and help a lot of people express themselves in new ways on the electric guitar.

Vote for Nikki to be Orianthi’s Backup Guitarist!

Photo: Steve Janowski

Vote for Nikki to be Orianthi’s backup guitarist at her Feb 14 show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles!

All you need to do is follow two easy steps:

1) Click on this link:

2) Click on the desktop link, and then click on the blue “Support Nikki” button on the right at that page.

Thanks so much for your vote!

First Video from Rich’s Punk Band sASSafrASS: “Pink Slip”

No, fear not! You’ve come to the Nikki O’Neill Band website. But our drummer extraordinaire, Rich Lackowski, also happens to play drums in the LA punk/comedy band sASSafrASS. They like to describe themselves as “Tenacious D meeting X.”

Today they released their first video, “Pink Slip.” It’s hilarious. More amazing is that they shot the whole video on an iPhone. Rich is the guy in the video that doesn’t like his alarm clock and keeps getting fired at all his jobs. :)  

Photo Shoot for Nikki’s Guitar Book

photo shoot at Larry'sNikki’s rock guitar instruction book is coming out in January! Today she did the photo shoot for the cover and all the inside pictures, demonstrating bends, tapping and other fun guitar-nerdy stuff!

She gives a special thanks to photographer Larry Lytle (, and Nat Gunod and Holly Frazier at Alfred Music for being so awesome to work with that day.

Nikki’s definitely going to launch her own lesson channel on YouTube as soon as the book is done, so stay tuned for more news on that…

Songs, Guitar Books and Swedish Hitmakers

So here’s what we’re up to:

1) Rich and I are writing new songs, and doing all the things we need to do to get ready to record them (arranging, rehearsing, trying them out live.)

2) I’m releasing a rock guitar instruction book next year! Alfred Music Publishing is the publisher, and the book will be a great resource for many of you who’ve learned about me through my old guitar lesson videos on Mahalo. Stay tuned!

3) I’m translating a truly amazing Swedish e-book series on songwriting to English. Since the Swedes have brought us First Aid Kit, The Hives, Jorgen Elofsson (who wrote Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”), and of course also ABBA, they’re a force to reckon with in pop and rock. The series should be released this fall. For any of you out there who have a passion for writing songs and want to get better at it, stay tuned for this series…

Many of you have asked me to post new guitar lesson videos. I don’t work with Mahalo anymore, but I plan to launch my own video lesson channel on YouTube this fall, once Rich and I have recorded new music, and I’ve completed a few more stages with my book projects. I thank all of you who have posted really nice comments on the lessons, and I truly appreciate those of you who took the time to visit this website to check out our music and post comments.

Have a great summer and be well!